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Vigorous tones paired with visions of grandeur describes the impetus behind ‘Chromatic’. The crossing of senses is a mysterious phenomenon in which its experience is as personal as it is outcome. Show us how music appears to you either through your own personal inspiration or through Jazz musician Jim Clark’s composition “Give Tony A Break” (listen below)
Special guest jurors Jeanine Esposito and Frederic Chiu of Beechwood Arts will conduct selection. All music genres are welcome and all mediums (but freestanding sculpture) are welcome.
Deadline for submissions is January 27, 2017. Artist acceptance February 12, 2017 Art Drop off February 20-24 8.30-4pm. Opening reception March 7, 2017 5-7pm. Live music by Jim Clark.

Questions for Jim? jim@jimclarkjazz.com

8. Give Tony A Break 4:12  This is a story about Tony. Tony is a guy that follows the same routine every day. He eats the same food. Goes to the same job. Goes back to the same home, and goes to sleep at the same time. This sounds very dull. And it surely is most of the time. Why does he do it?  Well, Tony has goals. Goals you and I don’t know about. And, to be honest, sometimes he forgets them himself in the midst of the drudgery. But Tony has loved ones he wants to take care of. So Tony works. It’s a struggle. A big struggle. Give Tony a break. He’s trying – he really is.